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Flank Attack? Blitzkrieg? What's your battle plan? Set in a distant future, humanity has been decimated by a massive nuclear war. Those that caused the war have long since fled Earth for the distant galaxies. As planet Earth slowly died, the survivors eventually have to face up to the inevitable and go in search of a new habitable planet. At the same time an experiment with dark matter creates a spatial anomaly, causing multiple wormholes to open up across the galaxy. In an instant, distant worlds that were once light years away can now be reached within a matter of days or even hours. But as humanity ventures in to the unknown, dangers await and battles for survival will ensue. With those responsible for the nuclear war at large somewhere in the galaxy, will they be friend or foe, or have they become something even worse? Do other dangers exit? Foresight is a space-themed real-time strategy (RTS) game that redefines the genre by focusing more on the strategy; less on the tactics. No need to build faster, bigger better ships (the game does that for you). Instead focus on what strategy you can employ to counter that of your enemy and ultimately defeat them.
Graphic: 400 MB OS: Windows XP OS: Windows 7 OS: Windows Vista OS: Windows 8 CPU: SSE2 supported x86 x64 processor 1.7GHz Memory: 1.5GB Storage: 2.2GB Sound: DirectAudio