Total War : Rome II - Greek States Culture Pack DLC

5.59 EUR
The Greek States Culture Pack adds a new playable Culture including three new playable Factions to Total War: ROME II; for use in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer Battles. The Greek States Culture Pack adds diplomatic Athens, shrewd Epirus and formidable Sparta as playable factions. Each offers range of special tactics to achieve cultural and martial victories, and lethal elite units to crush foes in battle. The Greek States share a number of common goals, philosophies and general diplomatic aims. However, they are defined by their fierce independence and between them demonstrate a huge variety in approach to civil and military challenges that often brings them into conflict with the wider world, and each other.
Language English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, German, Spanish, Italian, French
Publisher Sega
USK rating 12
Platform PC
Protection system Steam Works
PEGI rating 16, Online, Violence
Developer The Creative Assembly
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Graphic: shader model 3 512 MB Other: Internet connection required Other: Steam Account required OS: Windows 7 OS: Windows Vista OS: Windows 8 CPU: Intel Dual Core Processor 2GHz CPU: Intel Single Core processor 2.6GHz Memory: 1GB Memory: 2GB Memory: 2GB Memory: 2GB Storage: 30GB