Rise of the Argonauts

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As the King of Iolcus, Jason had everything—a prosperous kingdom, the respect of his peers, and a beautiful fiancé. When she was killed on their wedding day, he vowed to do anything to restore her life. Now, in order to accomplish this heroic feat Jason must seek out the Golden Fleece -- and with the help of Greek mythology's greatest heroes -- set sail on the most epic voyage of all. A grand scale Action/RPG, Rise of the Argonauts™ immerses players in a gladiatorial adventure set in the vibrant and powerful world of Ancient Greece brought to life. Taking the role of Jason, players will battle alongside Hercules, Achilles and other Argonauts as they engage in brutal combat against formidable beasts and enemies, in a vast world alive with wondrous inhabitants and stunning panoramas. The search for the Golden Fleece is not only one of exploration but of transformation -- from warrior king to exalted hero touched by the gods.
Language English, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, French, German, English, United States, French, United States
Publisher CodeMasters
USK rating 18
Platform PC
Protection system Steam Works
PEGI rating +18, Violence
Developer Liquid Entertainment
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Graphic: GeForce 6800 Graphic: Radeon X1300 OS: Windows XP OS: Windows Vista CPU: AMD 3.0GHz CPU: Pentium 3.0GHz Memory: 1GB Memory: 1.5GB Storage: 8GB Sound: DirectX