RPG Maker VX 1.0

40.98 EUR
RPG Maker VX allows you to make the roleplaying games you've always dreamed of by being one of the easiest game engine software ever developed. With its enhanced autotile capabilities, quick event creation, and dungeon generator, you can have a game ready to play faster than ever before. With RPG Maker VX, you can create your own unique RPG, without the need to be a programmer, artist, or musician. Take advantage of the following features to make the game you've always wanted to: ïAn easy to use mapping system, giving you the tools to build the look of your world. ïA GUI driven database, where you can create your heroes, villains, items, magic, and more. ïA powerful eventing system, allowing you to dictate the flow of your game using a simple point and click interface. ïA great default collection of graphics, sounds, and music, giving you all the materials you need to make your game.
Language English
Publisher Plug-In-Digital
Platform PC
Protection system Plugin Digital In-House
Developer Degica
Graphic: OS: Windows XP OS: Windows Vista OS: Windows 2000 CPU: Intel® Pentium® III 1.0GHz Memory: 0.256GB Storage: 0.1GB