Snowflake Tattoo

2.93 EUR
Straight from the maths paper of the British bedroom programming scene into your imagination, SNOWFLAKE TATTOO is a harrowing and stark vignette - a neo-noir exploration of the character and motives of the merciless "sentient plasma sniper" from NPPD RUSH. Set years before NPPD Rush, play the roles of both that sniper and a mysterious, prototype human/bike hybrid she has hacked. Together traverse the universe and discover a mysterious, maze-like, frozen storage ship in search of your missing sister. It is here you face your ultimate dilemma. On board the ship you discover humans, frozen in time and perfectly preserved. You have three choices – sell these sleeping beauties to the Abstraction, a transdimensional trading post; leave them where they will be cut up and turned in to bike hybrids and other cruel experiments; or save them. The decision is yours…
Graphic: 512 MB OS: Windows 7 CPU: Single Core 2.0GHz Memory: 2GB