Super Killer Hornet : Resurrection

3.50 EUR
'Shoot lots of things then die' a story as old as gaming its self, some people would say a perfect metaphor for life albeit violent angry people. And you don't get to shoot more things and die more times than in the new horizontal bullet hell shooter from Flump Studios. With Super killer Hornet-Black Label edition we have tried to combine the craziness of traditional Japanese SHMUPS(E.g DoDonPachi) with the structure of more modern western shooters(Geometry wars) to create one of the toughest shooters available on a digital network. With a unique arithmetic based multiplier system to add a little sophistication to the relentless action, Super Killer Hornet could well be the biggest challenge you'll face this summer. There's no birds angry enough to defeat a Killer Hornet!!! Welcome to Super Killer Hornet, a fast paced and intense endless shooter with a unique math based multiplier system. How to play: There are two modes of play in Super Killer Hornet, Arcade and Time Attack, both modes have the same basic gameplay mechanic. First off shoot everything! The more things that explode the more points youíll get, obvious stuff. To really get your score flying up you must make the most of the multiplier system. To increase your multiplier you must first collect the first falling number, you will notice this is followed by a mathematical symbol(either + or x). Then collect the following number, once you have done this the complete sum will appear at the top of the screen. Following this, 3 possible answers will fall down the screen, collect the correct answer to increase your multiplier. Collect one of the wrong answers and your multiplier will be reset to 0. Arcade Mode: Arcade mode is your classic shooter mode, you will be furnished with 3 lives and must get as far as you can before they run out, I think you get it. You will receive and extra life after beating the twin hornets. Time Attack: In Time Attack mode you are given a set amount of time in which to do the most damage possible. To increase your time you must answer one of the sums correctly. Beware! Dying will reset the maths problem and cost valuable time.
Graphic: OS: Windows XP CPU: 1.2GHz Memory: 0.512GB Storage: 0.2GB